Fertility Garden

Fertility Garden is a community garden located in Portland at 3924 and 3930 NE Garfield Street. The site was was placed in trust with OSALT on June 29th, 2009 by Multnomah County to remain as a community-based garden for future generations.

In the past, for many years the lot was associated with the work that Reverend Jeanne Walker was doing next door – working with neighborhood youth in a garden, teaching them gardening and life skills. The Reverend lost the land that the prior garden was on, and was unable to build a new garden on this site.

OSALT is proud to be able to help continue Reverend Walker’s vision: the site now houses an established educational community garden, where neighbors come together to learn how to grow vegetables. In addition, thanks to regular donations of food scraps from Ned Ludd Restaurant and Dragonfly Chai next door, the garden produces enough compost to supply several other community gardens in the neighborhood.

The site is currently managed by the Urban Farm Collective, a program of OSALT. Visit this link for more information and to get involved with these gardens.