If you have agricultural land or an open urban lot and want to keep it in agricultural production and indefinitely preserve it from the threat of development, our non-profit Land Trust provides this protection better than any other entity. This is primarily what distinguishes a Trust from other kinds of organizations. The land can never come out of a Trust.

The donation process follows a series of steps shown below. You’ve started Step 1. To finish it, email us. We want you to know all of your options.

OSALT holds approximately $6 million in development value of land asset donations from cities, counties, and private property owners who have explored other options and simply don’t want to risk the land ever being developed. Currently our land protection mission is fulfilled through ownership of the properties, with an agreement for the conditions of the land donation so that the owner feels confident that what they helped build with their own hands will be taken care of. In the future, we may also be able to protect land through receiving donations of development rights through an easement.

Whatever your situation, if you have agricultural land and you want it to stay in agriculture, OSALT can probably help. Please contact us for more information. We are happy to discuss how OSALT may be able to help you achieve your goals.

OSALT protects land that protects our future

While we are focused on keeping agricultural lands in agricultural production, we are intent on maintaining or transitioning towards a sustainable agriculture, and we see our work as primarily restorative and preservationist. Part of our ability to preserve land for future generations comes through an anticipation of how farmland management can not only yield food, but also how it can restore soil health, help protect and enhance streams and wetlands, conserve bordering forests and riparian areas, and proactively respond to the pressures of climate change and more intense weather events.