The Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust (OSALT) is a non-profit land trust with a mission to obtain and preserve agricultural land in perpetuity for the purposes of research and education on sustainable agriculture. OSALT was founded in 1995 by Will Newman and Sue Clark. OSALT currently holds seven pieces of land in trust. Some are multi-acre farms inside as well as outside the city; some are community-managed gardens in the city. Our properties in trust are all unique not just in landform but also the style and stewarding afforded to them. Annual site reports that highlight the educational and research activities of our properties Research and educational activities conducted at OSALT sites are presented annually to the public. OSALT also serves as the fiscal sponsor to the Urban Farm Collective

30 Acres of Land in Trust

Our land holdings include 4 multi-acre properties and 4 sub-acre urban lots. All but 1 are located in the Portland Metro area. This land totals approximately 32 acres and includes neighborhood gardens, food forests, production farms and an intentional community.

Land Leasing

OSALT also provides community groups with access to land through leasing, where land-holding entities such as churches and hospitals provide free access to OSALT through a lease, allowing OSALT to then provide access and insurance to community groups such as the Urban Farm Collective.

Fiscal Sponsorships

OSALT provides fiscal sponsorship to the Urban Farm Collective, supporting them with land access, liability insurance, bank accounts, and the ability to secure grant funding. As a 501(c)3, OSALT has the ability to sponsor other groups and projects that are a good fit.