Urban Land Goals

OSALT’s urban properties and sites inside city limits have unique site conditions, needs and opportunities. Some are at the heart of the neighborhood. Some are donated by the City of Portland because they have little other use. And some of our sites were previously contaminated and restored to an ecologically thriving place for people to grow food and socialize.

Some locations are less than a half of an acre and provide area residents with daylight access for locally-organized gardening. These are not “Community Gardens” in the sense of how formal community garden programs operate, but there are similar benefits to the area residents.

Some sites have houses and other infrastructure and OSALT either directly manages the property to support farmers finding rental homes with land, or the site has a managing organization in some kind of lease agreement or use contract. In these cases, direct land management is fulfilled by the care-taking organization and important land use decisions come under OSALT’s review.

Recently, OSALT has been exploring the benefits of accepting donations of DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS as a land conservation strategy. Questions about giving land or land rights to OSALT can be directed to info@osalt.org.