Greeley Forest Garden

Click here to send an e-mail to Marty Lambers, the Site Liaison for the Greeley Forest Garden.

Greeley Forest Garden is located between North Greeley and North Interstate Avenue near the east end of the Fremont Bridge. Currently 2 parcels, totaling about 0.6 acres, donated to OSALT by Multnomah County in December of 2005 with the purpose of establishing a forest garden.

The project is still in an early stage of initial planting.  The vision for the site is a canopy of fruit and nut trees over an edible shrub layer that, at maturity, would not require additional watering during the summer months.  With the affiliation of the Urban Farm Collective, much of the food grown on the site will be harvested and distributed within the community, but there will be opportunity for foraging as most of the food grown on-site will be edible without cooking and much of it without ripening.

Due to site disturbances followed by long-term neglect,the site was overwhelmed with weeds including grass on the lower, flatter half and a weed mix consisting of primarily Himalayan Blackberry on the upper northern half as the site slopes up the bluff toward the Kaiser Permanente parking lot.  Much of the early work on the site was combating blackberry to allow for tree planting.

If you live near Greeley Forest Garden and are interested in participating in the installation of the food forest please contact us here with any with questions or to get involved.

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