Donating Land to OSALT

If you own land

If you have agricultural land and want to keep it in agricultural production, you know you face challenges. In many cases, OSALT can help. If you have no one to pass the land to, OSALT can hold the land an make certain it is kept in agricultural production. If you have children, but they are not interested in agriculture, OSALT can help you protect the land and still provide your children with an inheritance. If you have children and one wants to carry on the agricultural traditions of the family, but you fear that if you give the land to that child the others will fight over what they see as an “unfair” disposition of the land, OSALT can help.

Whatever your situation, if you have agricultural land and you want it to stay in agriculture, OSALT can probably help. Please contact us for more information. We are happy to discuss how OSALT may be able to help you achieve your goals.

OSALT protects all types of land

While we are focused on keeping agricultural lands in agricultural production, we are intent on developing a sustainable agriculture. We do not know what a sustainable agriculture will actually look like, but we do know a number of things that it will not include. Sustainable agriculture does not destroy wetland, riparian areas, or wildlife habitat. Yet we know very little about establishing and maintaining sustainable interfaces between “productive” agricultural lands and these other critical use lands. In order to develop sustainable agriculture we must explore these interfaces and how to protect other land uses while practicing agriculture. Consequently, OSALT holds and protects not only rural and urban agricultural lands (gardens, farms, ranches, ranges, forests, nurseries, etc.), but also wetlands, wildlife corridors, riparian areas, native habitat, wilderness, etc.

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