Our Mission

The purpose of OSALT is to develop a sustainable agriculture.

Develop: OSALT growers conduct research and testing focused on the development of sustainable agricultural practices. OSALT then disseminates the results of this research and testing through educational outreach.

Research: Through a combination of review of current knowledge, grower experiences and analytical thinking, growers on OSALT lands design and conduct field trialsto build a body of knowledge and practices that bring us closer to a sustainable agriculture.

Field trials: at each OSALT site the growers conduct, as an integral part of their operation, field trials of practices designed to be more sustainable.

Educational outreach: publications, classes, workshops and presentations.

Sustainable: Ecologically soundeconomically practical and socially equitable.

Ecologically sound: natural systems are an intersection of dynamically balanced relationships of living and non-living things (The Circle of Life). Ecologically sound practices are those that can be repeated over and over without exceeding the capacity of the system to return to balance.

Economically practical: sustainable practices are economically practical when they support the maintenance of the “household” over time.

Socially equitable: Sustainable systems do not serve one sector of the society at the expense (in life, health, effort, dignity) of other sectors.

Agriculture: the purposeful attempt by human beings to influence what grows where, and when. Agriculture may also be described as a contest, 10,000-12,000 years old, between human beings and nature to determine who is in charge.

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